It’s All About Corian®

We recently completed a beautiful installation of our Corian® work surfaces for a client in Newhaven.

We installed the work surface in Clam Shell, finished to the clients’ design, which complements their modern kitchen.

The sink unit is 859 Corian® Sink in Vanilla.

A Little More About Corian®

Invented by Dupont™ in the 1960’s to offer a continuous flowing material for hotel vanity tops Corian® has developed into a product that has given its name to this type of solid surface.

With its balance of beauty and performance, Corian® lends itself to imaginative uses, innovative designs and enduring applications from the home where it creates beautiful kitchens, bathrooms (wet rooms), furniture and lighting to shops, restaurants, hospitals, and offices.

Corian® has strength and versatility built into its very nature. It suits a range of kitchen styles from hi-tech to the more traditional. There are 100 colours in the range, of which around 65 are suitable to be used in kitchen applications such as work tops. The remaining colours are available on a commercial basis or for other applications.

Corian® is joined in a way that creates inconspicuous seams with a sleek, hygienic, non-porous surface, which is resistant to mould and mildew.

If you can imagine it, you can probably create it with Corian®, it can be carved, routed, moulded, thermoformed or inlayed… the design options are almost limitless.

Please ensure that your Corian® is fabricated and installed under DuPont’s quality network assurance, this validates the DuPont™ 10 year warranty.


Understanding the differences between different work surfaces – Corian


Corian is a non-porus, manufactured Acrylic work surface. As a manufactured work surface samples are a true reflection of the finished kitchen work surface. 

The nature of Corian lends itself perfectly to people with a desire for design and functionality.

There are a number of design features that are a must with Corian:

  • A coved upstand, which allows grout or silicon lines to be raised away from the work surface;
  • a Corian sink (available in Glacier white, Cameo white, Vanilla and Bone).

Corian is jointed inconspicuously, so allows for a beautifully flowing, surface free from the visible joints you get with either Granite or Quartz surfaces.

The surface of Corian is a sanded finish which will show a silk/satin sheen. This also has the advantage that should any damage occur or the surface start to look tired over time that it can be sanded back to the original finish, adding versatility to the work surface.

Take a look here at our Corian Gallery or give us a call on 01245 243920

Understanding the differences between different work surfaces – Quartz

Quartz work surfaces are manufactured using the mineral Quartz.

Quartz is one of nature’s strongest known materials. As a manufactured product it allows a huge variety of colours and patterns to be produced. The surface is also non porous.

The advantage of using Quartz work surfaces are that there is little difference between samples and finished work surfaces and as a manufactured product doesn’t contain pitting or venting. However, it should be noted that typically the work surface will not have the same level of polish on the surface as Granite.

For more information please take a look at our Quartz Gallery or give us a call 01245 243920

Understanding the differences between different work surfaces – Granite

Granite is a natural product and offers beautiful, rich and deep colour with a good level of surface polish.

It is important to understand that as a natural product there are some things that need to be born in mind.

Samples are only indicative of the granite you are choosing and that there will be variations to the finished work surface. To avoid disappointment it is best to view the slab of material that will be used to make your work surfaces, this will also give you an opportunity to check the slab for pitting and venting, which are both naturally occurring in Granites. Pitting is small holes in the surface and venting are small lines on the surface of the stone that can look like cracks. Granite is also porous and must be sealed to help prevent the ingress of liquids.

All that being said, in my mind there is nothing as beautiful as a piece of natural stone.

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Stunning Black and Cream Kitchen

Granite is the ultimate and most luxurious worktop surface you can choose. Our stunning worktops add value to any kitchen and home. Also, because granite is a natural material, the pattern of every single worktop is unique.

There is only one material harder than granite and that is diamond.

Granite is formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago so is hard wearing and is resistant to heat and scratching making it ideally suited to kitchen work surfaces where it fits not only a more traditional look but also a contemporary theme.

That’s why this stunning black granite top is ideal for a breakfast bar and working area of your next kitchen project.

Our client has teamed our Star Galaxy Granite, black gloss work surfaces together with this hand built, shaker style cream kitchen by A P O’Shea Carpentry and Joinery – 07809 567818

The intense, classic rich black granite which has a natural copper fleck throughout gives a luxurious look to the kitchen work tops. It perfectly complements the Farrow & Ball units in White Tie.

Even though the granite is black these copper flecks are an excellent light reflector which enhance the beautiful cream units.

We think you will agree that this kitchen has a timeless quality which would be an asset to any home.

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Perfect Plum

We have been privileged to work on thousands of kitchen and bathroom projects over the last 20 years. This beautiful kitchen is one of the loveliest so far.

We created all the work surfaces using our granite called Ambrosia. As granite is a natural product every worktop we create is unique. The colours in this one are beautiful.  Shades of grey or white are intertwined with splashes of plum.

The client has cleverly matched the flash of plum colour within this unique granite to the colour of the base units under the island and on the wall.  The plum colour is also reflected in the soft furnishings and wall hangings to create a stunning kitchen area which is practical and the focus of any quite night in or dinner party.

With thanks to Tony at A P O’Shea Carpentry and Joinery for his wonderfully bespoke, fitted kitchen. You can get in touch with Tony here – or call  07809567818.

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Star Bakers and Lashings of Cake at Our MacMillan Coffee Morning

On Monday 2nd October we held a Coffee Morning to raise vital funds for the good work carried out by the fantastic people at MacMillan Cancer Support.

All the staff contributed and spent their Sunday baking ready for the event.

We had Victoria Sponges, Fairy Cakes, Chocolate Cake and Lemon Drizzle as well as tray bakes and quiches.

We even had a star baker voted for by our team. Well done to Lauren for her anti-gravity popcorn cake!

This fantastic anti-gravity Popcorn Cake stole the show!! We’ve sent a picture to Paul Hollywood of The Great British Bake Off!

An amazing effort was made by all of our staff and we raised a total of £178 for MacMillan.

Well done everyone. Can’t wait until next year!



Redevelopment at The Stone Company

Redevelopment at The Stone Company

As 2016 moves on so does the work to re develop our Chelmsford production plant. This reevelopment will give us more production capacity, this will be achieved by improving the flow of material through the factory.

Below are the new concrete bays that will house the bridge saws, the bay closest to the camera will house our new Terzago Bridge Saw.  The floor is sloped back towards the wall, where there is a channel which collects the water and carries it to a recycling plant.

bridge saw bays
bridge saw bays

This is the new water treatment plant which cleans the water from the Bridge Saws and returns the water to the saws, this means that we don’t have to draw clean water from the mains supply.

water treatment
water treatment

The Stone Company makes another investment.

As part of our continuing commitment to quality and development we have made another investment in machinery.  The new CNC machine

Breton NC300 K19

The 300 series consists of four models configured and able to be tailored to meet diverse applications always guaranteeing the maximum precision. The Contourbreton NC300 K19 is a CNC stone router specifically engineered for precision and long term durability in stone fabrication shop conditions.  The Contourbreton NC300 K19 has useful working travels of 126″. The static tool magazine can hold up to 15+15 tools.


This machine will improve both our quality and productivity.