Bar Top Install at New Restaurant

New sister restaurant to Olio Chelmsford opening soon at The Chequers, Wickham Bishops. 



The new bar top is in a classic 50mm thick Starlight Black Quartz which will compliment the new restaurant perfectly.



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Install a Stunning Island Centrepiece

One way to cut costs is to limit the installation of granite to hardworking areas only.  An island, for example, that provides a central place for items hot out of the oven, as well as preparation area, is an ideal location for the durability of granite.


This stunning island is beautifully topped with Sensa Black Beauty by Cosentino Granite with an 80mm Mitre edge detail.

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Today’s Deliveries in from Spain

The lastest Quartz slabs have just been delivered from Spain with a variety or colours and patterns and are all so striking and unique.

Unloaded and ready to be designed, cut and polished into the most wonderful worktops.  There are still deliveries coming in from Italy and across Europe so why don’t you visit the factory to have a look at the vast selection of materials.

The Stone Co will assist you in selecting your stone and will work with you to the completion of your kitchen countertops.

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Another Beautiful Kitchen Finish with Dual Colour Worktops

A stunning arrangement of worktops and breakfast bar in contrasting colours finish this Lewis James kitchen beautifully.

The stretching long length of Silestone Lagoon quartz 30mm is sleek and bright and has matching upstands.  The breakfast bar with inset induction hob and gas burner are in 80mm mitered edge detail Cambria Wellington quartz.


The two colours blend perfectly giving a unique finish that will last for years.

The same Silestone Lagoon quartz has been used as a top on these low level recessed cupboards to continue the look into the family room.





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Huge Investment to Increase Productivity

The Stone Company Ltd are excited to announce the arrival of their 2nd Comandulli Musa Edge Polisher.


After the amazing performance of the first machine purchased three years ago the investment has been made for a second machine, giving The Stone Co the ability to improve and streamline our productivity.

The new machine:

  • polishes the edges of the granite, Quartz, marble also varying edge profiles and speeds up the edge polishing process to save time in the masons workshop.
  • performs straight edges on slabs with different thickness and shape at the same time.
  • has laser precision to detect the position of the pieces on the belt and their length.

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Need Help Deciding on Your New Kitchen or Bathroom Counter-tops?

Have you decided that your home is in need of a little renewing?  Whatever your reason for this it is a huge decision to pick out what material to go for. There is a vast range of stones you can choose from which includes Quartz, Marble and Granite – these are the three most popular materials you could use for your home renovations.

All stones and materials offer their own list of advantages and selling points. However, it is not just the stone you pick that is to be considered, you also need to think about the colour, pattern and finish that you would like too.

This guide will make it easier to understand the benefits of each material.

Material Selection

Three of some of the most popular stones are Quartz, Marble and Granite. Marble adds a very distinctive appearance which is one of its key selling points for customers.

Every slab of Marble will be completely different to the next which adds character to your home. However, if you are not a fan of uniqueness and would much prefer a uniformed look, then this is not the material for you.

Marble offers a natural touch to your kitchen and is perfect for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking, as it has natural warmth which is brilliant for kneading dough.  This material is not as hardwearing as Quartz or Granite.

Quartz is quite different to Marble and is not a material that you can really compare, although you can purchase Quartz to mimic the look of Marble if you are not looking to pay the price that comes with Marble. Quartz is not a natural stone although 94% is quartz and 6% other resin and compound, but offers a fantastic list of benefits such as removing the need of regular treatments like sealing, which further makes it perfect for people on a budget.

Furthermore, Quartz will never stain as it is a non-porous material, which means any spillages will simply remain on top of the surface ready for being wiped off with a clean cloth.

Finally, Granite is another very popular choice for kitchen countertops and for great reason. Granite offers a timeless beauty and it is one of the hardest stones on Earth which means that it will be perfect for those high traffic areas and surfaces that take a lot of usage.

Keeping it clean and hygienic for food preparation is brilliant as it maintains very well.

Granite can also up the value of your home if you ever wish to sell it on.

Choosing the Colour, Pattern and Finish

Once you have selected from the huge list of potential materials, you will then need to think about which colour, pattern and finish you would like. White is one of the most popular stylish colours to go for as it offers a classic beauty, however this is not for everyone. Popular patterns tend to be ones that mimic natural stone like Marble, so it is worth thinking about whether you want it to look like a natural stone or you prefer a different appearance.

You can then decide on whether you would like a matte or gloss finish. Both can be as equally beautiful and it is all down to the overall look you looking to achieve and personal preference. Gloss is great for bouncing light around the room and giving the illusion that your room is bigger than it is, so that could be something to consider during the process. Gloss also gives the look of being clean as it mimics the appearance of a mirror.

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Great Customer Service Feedback

Great Customer Service Feedback  

“I would like to express my total satisfaction regarding the stone work completed today in my kitchen.

Mark and Jamie worked very hard and they have done a good job with attention to detail. They deserve to be commended on that and I wish them well.”

Mr Happy Customer, Pinner, Middlesex


Wonderful Store Feedback

It’s always good to get a fabulous positive testimonial.

“Your fitters did an amazing job in our showroom, looks absolutely gorgeous and I have sold one of the worktops already”

Magnet, High Wycombe